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ERADICATE EXCUSES: Everyone makes excuses, productive people don’t. it has been said time and again, only lazy or unproductive people give excuses. The only antidote to not making excuses is finding a way to carry out the given task. Just do the task whatever means.

Like all bad habits, excuses are easy. They allow you to box yourself into your comfort zone and be “okay” with your life. After a while, you’ll find this way of living isn’t enough for you. You can either accept where your life is (which is the excuse-coated version of “give up”), or you can eliminate your excuses by taking responsibility for where you are now and more importantly, why you created the excuses in the first place.

Eliminate your excuses by creating the mother of all to-do lists as it relates to that specific goal. Break it down into itty bitty baby steps. Only work on one tiny step at a time, and hide the rest of the steps in a drawer. When you’re done the step, it doesn’t feel like it was such a big deal. Then move onto the next, and the next.

EMULATE EXCELLENCE: Every one of us has a model whether we admit or not. There’s this someone you wish you were like or you admire, or has an influence over your life. You should ask yourself, does this person fit into the description of excellence or mediocrity. Productive people replicate methods to achieve high end results. However, they don’t replicate people. You are you but if you see someone doing well find out how and do same.

we should pursue excellence not because we’re motivated to boost our ego or to achieve success, but because our glorious, excellent God deserves no less, and because he’s created us for excellence and has called us to pursue excellence for His glory.

I wish to see you at the top. Please do share this write up with friends. Help them become excellent.




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