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Confidence is a state of mind that can be attained through deliberate actions. Giving time to cultivate your mind, body and spirit helps.CONFIDENCE BOOST

Research suggests that Many professionals will at some point experience a psychological phenomenon known as impostor syndrome, compete with feelings of inadequacy and a fear that everything accomplished to date has been through sheer luck. This targets their confidence seeking to smash it.

No one was born feeling confident. Confidence is grown over time. Even the professionals at some point feel inadequate, which goes to point that naturally we feel so. However, confidence can be learnt and a journey to courage and accomplishment then begins.

Through confidence, the world just appears like a better place, a bright day where everything is conceivable. Short of it, the darkness slowly skulks in and your disposition is battered.



GROW YOUR SELF CULTURE: in ordinary terms, we say culture is a way of life. Whatever we’ve done a long time in our lives gets stuck there. If you’ve been scared all your life, chances are fear has got stuck. What we do now is grow out of that phase, into another where our fears are in the past and gone.

Grow your daily routine from passive activities to active ones. Go all out grabbing whatever you will according to your desire. It’s your world, believe it.



PRACTICE: Every sphere of life is a constantly evolving machine that requires one to sharpen their skills, even experts. There are several ways to go about sharpening those skills, but none of them will be effective unless you begin to practice with the sole purpose to improve.



Practice is defined as that which is a repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. The definition is very clear and right to the point. If you want to have a high level of skill in something (proficiency), you need to perform a task multiple times.

Intentionality Is Key Just practicing will only get you so far because it’s missing a crucial element: intentionality. Intentionality is an attitude when it comes to practice. When practice becomes intentional, you will no longer shotgun your projects, hoping you’ve improved something. Instead, you’ll have laser-like focus on what you want to accomplish with zero doubt as to whether or not you’ve improved your skills. (

BE ALWAYS PREPARED: it’s difficult to be confident in ignorance. Beat fear by preparing yourself as much as possible. About taking an exam: if you haven’t studied, you won’t have much confidence in your abilities to do well in the exam. But if you studied well, you’re prepared, and you’ll be much more confident. Now think of life as your exam, and prepare yourself. Get the necessary skills needed in that field of endeavor, that in itself will serve as a booster.

PACE: pace is very important in whatever task you are out to accomplish. How fast or how slow can throw you in or out. It’s important to be calm and maintain the right pace. A person who feels that he isn’t worth listening to will speak quickly, because he doesn’t want to keep others waiting on something not worthy of listening to. Take your time. It’s your world and word.

YOUR CIRCLE: Surround yourself with positive people who notice your good attributes and give you with good vibes. This will make negative thinking more difficult and less desirable. Someone once said, a journey with successful people will definitely leave you successful.

DRESS AND LO0OK THE PART: you don’t go forward looking backward. You want to be confident? Look it. Nothing makes you feel better than looking in the mirror and liking what you see. I consider myself a very casual person, but even I cannot enjoy comfort if it isn’t sometimes contrasted with style and effort. This also applies to grooming.

The way you feel about yourself not only impacts you personally, but also those around you. If there is a purpose to this crazy thing we call life, many believe it is to better yourself. If everyone believed this, it could be the first step to a better world.




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