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Every creation in life has a source. In the beginning God the creator of all things ensured this. e.g. He wanted fishes he spoke to the sea Gen 1:20, he wanted vegetation and animals he spoke to the earth Gen 1:24. Eventually, He wanted man, he spoke to Himself. Generally, man is simply God in an enclosure, man in a container. The scripture says ~ye hail from God little children~ in essence our origin is God. Hence if we come from God characteristically speaking we ought to behave and act like him.

One of the characteristics of God is emotions, God feels. Theologically speaking person hood is often defined as the state of being an individual with intellect, emotion and volition. God is a person. He is a God with a mind, emotions and will of his own. To deny Gods emotions is to deny he possesses a personality. For instance, the bible tells us that God is love, now love is an emotion and is ascribed to God here. Also the bible says God is slow to anger, emotions still. The bible also said we should take heed not to grieve the Holy spirit. Suffice it to say that it isn’t a mistake that we have feelings.

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The dictionary says emotions are a complex, usually strong subjective feelings, involving physiological changes as a preparation to action. Emotions most times serve as the fuel needed for action, both right and wrong. So God puts emotions in us as a force needed to do…

God created us with emotions for certain purposes, without them we won’t be any better than trees. Emotions go very far in helping our relationship with God and man. They help us to understand circumstances and situations. Emotions helps us to learn submission towards God. Emotions come to serve as fuel that powers our will which in turn aids doing. Emotions awakens our consciousness, it makes us aware… most importantly we sense Gods leading sometimes through our emotions, e.g.= promptings.

Get it straight, it was never Gods intentions for our emotions or feelings to take control over us. The creation account revealed God saying `and let them have dominion`. This dominion isn’t over fellow humans, but over circumstances, events, feelings, occasions, life issues etc. our feelings ought to be subject to our bidding. Prov 16:32b, here the bible refers to the man who can control his feelings as being greater than one who takes a city. 2tim1:7b, Gods spirit fills us with power, love and self-control. It’s important we realize we have power over how we feel, when to feel, when to be calm etc. e.g. eph4:25 says we can get angry, but we shouldn’t allow it linger. Every one of us must understand this, emotions are God-given gifts to man. With all efforts, through the holy spirit control your emotions, let it be geared towards the right purposes that all will be well with you.




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