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About Mindhoarde


“We never plant trees in other people’s yard and hope them to grow. We plant them in ours, water them and take care of them. We should do the same with our lives.”
Saru Singhal

If a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows not the flower. did you know that leading psychologists suggest that the environment and the kind of information we let into us eventually become a huge part of us, and they make us who we become?

This is Mindhoarde. we are here to help you become better. a person isn’t any better than what he takes in, reason we research and write everyday to feed your mind. as food is to the body so information is to the mind…

we promise you this that, here you’ll experience a mind shift through well researched write ups. We intend to re-engineer your mind. You can’t stand the force of this wave.

do contact us to ask us any question.