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question Have you ever been in a situation where you have so many questions to ask and it seemed as if you can’t get answers to all your questions? It seemed as if you are so confused and do not know who exactly to
ask? And then shoot! One authority comes to your mind and you feel you should get in touch ASAP. You get dressed and match off to his or her office expecting him to give you tangible answers and
unfortunately, he gives you answers that just don’t work. You get back home full of disappointing thoughts. ‘Why couldn’t he answer me?’. Well, I think I’ve got an answer to that question. The problem was that you asked the wrong authority.

First of all, you must have to realize that the thing we call life is a pond of questions. We have so many questions almost about everything; our lives, families, future, and even our source as humanknowledge
beings. It is in response to the question of man’s existence that pre-formation evolutionists propounded a theory which asserts that man came from the species known as Australopithecus, Neanderthal and the
Cro-Magnon which had the form of apes and chimpanzees. While this remains disputable, the fact still remains that man is a curious being who observes his environment and seek answers to his questions.
There is no harm in seeking answers to some life issues troubling us (actually, every invention ever recorded in history came as a direct response to questions asked by some remarkable persons).

The problem however exists in asking the wrong authority. You see, everyone has a distinct area where he operates pretty well. He operates so well in those areas that he becomes an authority there. But no man knows everything. And if you depend on him to give you answers on those areas where he is incapacitated, then he’ll lead you to destruction, consciously or unconsciously. It’s not because you
didn’t ask the right questions. It’s simply because you didn’t ask the right authority.

So, as the author of the richest man in Babylon, George Samuel Clason,
would say, never ask a goldsmith how to carve wood. A wood carver
should know better.

Ask the right authority and nothing will ever hinder your access to the right answers.

By Rose Jonathan.



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