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Sitting beside mum, I realized how bad I shouldn’t have agreed to go on this trip at least not in the same car with her driving. These thoughts occupied my mind as yet another car crawled past us; it took this rickety car at least 45 seconds to crawl past, then I realized we weren`t even crawling as I thought before, perhaps I should check for a pair of legs under the car…. ALAS, WE WERE WALKING!!!

Mum and I had agreed the previous night to go on this journey together, it was all her idea so we`ll have a mummy son time together, I didn’t think it was a bad idea until now. We were very careful to pick the SUV which was just a month old so we could have a smooth journey and on time too, but I just realized a truth in life, the car can be all fast as much as it wants, the driver determines what to do with all that capacity.


A lot of persons believe they came from monkeys and some others believe they came from something else, I mean I’m not going to have this debate where you come from or not, but hear me, facts and figures point out that we couldn’t have come from anything short of an intelligent being.025b79da7920e34fa4bae6d97c644ea1 Permit me to submit just for the purpose of understanding to state despite your belief that we all came from God.

Now that we have agreed we came from God, then agree too that God is our father since he made us now the Greek word for father is PATA which means SOURCE AND SUSTAINER. This law states that what sources a thing sustains it. God our father created us to function under limitless capacities but we have continuously, consistently and conveniently lived below this intention; thus, defeating the purpose of creation.

Just like the SUV in our story we were created to BE MORE of what we currently are, I can conveniently say this and I stand not to be corrected. Right from when we were kids, we’ve continuously heard; “Do your best!” “Be the best you can be” “Be confident” what does one deduce from all these statements? In a world where standards are raising on a daily basis, everything is more complex and more competitive, if we’re not doing our best – it feels like we can get left behind. But, being our best should not be a burden, it should be an opportunity, it should be fun. Become the best and create the life you want. oliver-twistThat’s the ultimate goal. Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but few actually do it. We’re our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving success, chasing our dreams, and living a life that’s filled with passion and purpose.

Some of us are self-destructive without realizing it, and others are conscious of the fact they can be more, but lack the tools and/or knowledge in order to improve.

Now here are ways to become MORE


    : Get this, a warrior is never known except in the face of opposition. No one can really tell your true abilities except in the face of work. Set goals bigger than you. By the way no goal is bigger than you they can only be bigger than you believe you can achieve. So, push to do more. Keep testing the waters.

  2. Stop and talk less

    : for the love of God quit talking and start doing. The scripture say in the multitude of words, mistakes are inevitable. Please quit talks, start doing. People who talk too much often never realize they’re just talking alone.

  3. Stop being scared

    : just to be sure, after reading our post on WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FEAR I didn’t feel we should go on again to tell you there is no such thing as fear. Your fears do not exist.

  4. Set a goal

    : “Time is limited. If I can make good use of it, I’ll be much more successful. So I’m going to be more productive.” If you always have something you’re working towards you’ll always be on the path of productivity.

Finally, it’s not going to be installed in you to be more, potentially you have all it takes to BE MORE and DO MORE…



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