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Judith tossed and turned restlessly in the car wishing she never went for this date. The car smelled awful, the restaurant was also not an escape as the air wherever she went with Chris with a stomach troubling stench, she even barely touched her food as the foul stench was unbearable. What a dirty guy he is, I can never have anything to do with this guy she thought to herself. How can a single person make quite an effort to be this smelly? Could it be he didn’t shower or something. Judith was angry at everyone and everything.

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As Judith walked into the house she threw her shoe onto the rack as she dived for the bed. Judith!! That voice startled her back into reality, it was her sisters call. Why is this room smelly all of a sudden? Did you pick dirt from outside? Judith stood up visibly angry, she stormed to check her shoes. Behold under her shoe she stepped on dirt and it was rotten fish as she took a closer look. Oh my God she exclaimed, how did this get here she thought. It wasn’t his fault after all, how wrongly I judged him, I should have at least asked or confirmed before concluding. She felt very bad for having made such hasty conclusion.

Have you ever been misjudged? Have you ever felt bad when people seem not to understand you and no one seems to know the truth and yet don’t care to know or ask… imagine how others must feel when we make hasty conclusions about them?

By definition, benefit of doubt means a favorable judgement given in the absence of full evidence. Are you quick to believe every rumor? Are you quick to spread every rumor? If so then you aren’t abiding in love and you aren’t getting on right… sometimes we are tempted to correct people behind them even when we have no correct evidence to the facts of an issue. 1cor 13:7 says love bears all things, hopes all things… Leon Morris explain it this: this doesn’t mean love is gullible, but that it doesn’t think the worst but it gives benefits or credits… scriptures say judge not so as not to be judged.


Steps to follow:

  1. be slow to speak: do not be in a rush to speak or to say things you just heard about people or you aren’t so sure of. People who often speak hastily aren’t far from a lot of sorry situations, and later regrets.


  1. Love others as yourself: how do you want to be treated, then treat others that way. Do not override people, do not treat people in any way you wouldn’t want to be treated.


  1. Understanding: where there is understanding strife isn’t always welcome. Try to understand your friends and how they behave. Make excuses for them sometimes.

Finally, do not always be hasty with assumptions. Be gentle when dealing with others. Scriptures say, when your brother is fallen, you who are spiritual pray and help them stand. Only the devil is permitted to judge or accuse. The bible refers to him as the accuser, so do not be like him but be like Christ, who loves unconditionally and forgives readily at all times.

Be well, happy sweet life…

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