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My phone continued to ring, what does she want this time I thought to myself. I decided to make a deal with myself that Jane was calling to ask for a favor again, at least those are the only times she called… I picked the call hoping I’m wrong, wishing within me she called to ask just how I was doing. My thoughts were brought to a stop immediately she asked …can I come over so you can put me through on this assignment? I seem not to understand it yet. What did you say? It was then I realized I screamed TYPICAL, I thought It was a mere thought.
My name is James and I’m scared of allowing friends around me. Last semester I aced my exams again and it’s no longer news. I have quite a lot of people around me but the irony is they are only around since I have one academic solution to give or the other. These days I cry alone in my room, no one asks how I feel, or why I’m sad, they all are after what they need. Just thought I had a friend in jane but I’m wrong again. Am I being used? My life is becoming miserable yet no one to pull me out, now I think I have no friend, I just know a lot of people…
Once a friend made a post on Facebook and it read: when do we use the rest room? When we are pressed, correct. When do we eat, when we feel hungry, correct again. When do we sleep? When we feel sleepy, right again.
Psychology suggests that people draw closer to people who can help them complete a goal that has not been progressing well, only to pull away when the goal is achieved. we tend to do this so we can shift attention to other people who can help us with new goals. Now, we must understand that unlike our toys, tools, and other object in general, humans are feeling beings, they desire to be loved, cherished, taken care of. Among Maslow’s hierarchy of needs he included the need to be Esteemed. Also God the progenitor of the universe showed an example by giving to us his most precious gift in love. For some, we only remember people when we have need for them and afterwards we forget all about them till the next time. The scriptures say Do not take advantage of each other, this Is a way to show you fear the lord. Did you see that?
The action of using people connotes strong disrespect for humanity and person hood, it suggests treating people like objects with total disregard for their feelings. We must understand that in as much as we need people, we must do so with wisdom. Just for an analogy which one of us drive our car without applying grease to the engine. We must learn to give back too. Call your friends sometimes just to know how they are doing, if they ate well…
To overcome this temptation, you should:

ask yourself whether you’ll like it if you’re treated the same way you treat others. Scriptures say do unto others as you’ll have them do to you. What if people only called when they need you? What if no one visited unless they need something. Life embraces reciprocity. Decide today to treat people right and you’ll see your life better.

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  1. Precious Eze
    Precious Eze September 24, 2016

    Fact! Nice write up

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