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A reader asks “can you marry your boss?
Well, most persons see it as a taboo to court their boss. I mean a serious relationship that will practically lead to marriage. Most ladies work for these men and when they find out he wants to have something to do with them, I mean in the right sense they get angry and some even go to the extent of quitting their jobs. I’m not talking about boss that are men who don’t know their left from their right when it comes to do with real and mature relationships. I’m talking about those who are responsible, disciplined who have a level of integrity to uphold.

The boss is a man, self-made at that. That he is asking you out for something serious doesn’t make him less of a man. Let’s put it this way “he is following his heart “. For him to summon enough courage to talk to you about it shows how brave and less a coward he is, if he is the kind of King you want to rule in your world then why prolong the gist. Men don’t like women who think less of them and are intimidated by their success so do women too. Probably you’re scared he may not be real. Maybe you don’t want to be gossiped in the office. Trust me the gossipers wish they were in your shoes. Yes, you think he’s too serious with work. Try being a boss for one day. I might not know your reason for staying away from “The boss”.
But in response to the question I’ve always been asked I simply say “if he’s the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with and there are some things about him that makes me want to walk in love with him ” Emotions has absolutely nothing to do with “The boss” it could have
been any man. The boss is also a human.

Answer by Mary.

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    UGWONALI CHIMNOMNSO September 12, 2016

    I agree with Mary.However, I will love to add dis this-This situation entails a high level of maturity.In most cases, the men are matured and understand the attitude to display at work n outside work.The lady on the other hand tends to merge them.

  2. Onyi Tina
    Onyi Tina September 12, 2016

    Relationships in work environment could be very tricky. Due to work place gossips and some other challenges that could face both parties.But the major thing here should be maturity and understanding between both parties. Once they can resolve this effectively then they are good to go but if otherwise one person (most likely the employee) should be willing to quit especially when the relationship has matured into marriage.

  3. Mindhoarde
    Mindhoarde September 12, 2016

    Thanks Ugwonali and Tina for airing your views on this.

  4. Wisdom Onyedika
    Wisdom Onyedika September 12, 2016

    Totally agree with you. Though one can’t be sure in case like this.

  5. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel September 12, 2016

    Wow!!! This is really a very personal answer. But when dating the ‘Boss’, i implore CAUTION so it doesn’t affect ur repute and integrity.

  6. Mindhoarde
    Mindhoarde September 12, 2016

    Thanks Wisdom and Onyedika. your views are of course true.

  7. joyce
    joyce October 25, 2016

    there is nothing wrong with dating/marrying my boss so long as the compatibility in various areas are there and also that his single and ready to mingle with me
    ,come to think of it he is a human being who has blood running through his veins, he also needs Love apart from money.
    Thou at the initial time I may find it difficult communicating with him in the informal method but as time progresses we will get BETTER.

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