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Get to work

America is a nation built on the idea of being number one. It is not enough for Americans to win; our win must be so one-sided, so complete and devastating to the opposition that there can be no question as to our superiority. The revile the notion of ties or participation trophies. The believe in Read More

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once a very famous samurai who has acquired the unbeaten status came. Being a samurai, he only knew about life and death, and he was a quite impatient sort who always got what he wanted. At any slight provocation he always challenged his opponent to a fight. His fame grew far and wide and other Read More

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Once a hot dog vendor who sold very fine hot dogs by the side of the road, was having a fine business year. People loved buying hot dogs from him and they bought more and more by the day. The man believed so much in the prosperity of his business and prosper it did. also Read More