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While the complications we’ll face in life are unavoidable, there are conducts that can help one overcome adversity when it strikes. We must break ourselves free from the unjust tyranny of chance and become deliberate in our actions. Life becomes meaningful if only we can take systematic, informed steps in our everyday lives.

Just think of all the successful people you know or are familiar with. How do you think they were successful? Was it chance, luck or was it handed to them? I guess you must think that life is only fair to some people and then shut its doors in the face of others. Well you are not too far from the truth. Success in life shuts its doors to those who think life is a game of luck. only focused effort, good planning, application of skill and knowledge, and believing in oneself can guarantee success.

Deliberate Living is defined by the online Free Dictionary as:

  • Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional;
  • Arising from or marked by careful consideration;
  • Unhurried in action, movement, or manner, as if trying to avoid error;
  • To think carefully and often slowly, as about a choice to be made;
  • To consider (a matter) carefully and often slowly, as by weighing alternatives


Well, we must realize that whether or not we live deliberately, life will happen.  If you do not create and design your life, other people and circumstances will do so for you and, before you know it, your life is trapped in other people’s ideas, rather than your own.

You have to be conscious and clear about what you want. Go through on checking to make sure your daily actions align to what you want, if not refocus again. Success isn’t an accident. You cannot travel east and end up west. For you to get west you must travel that way. Be deliberate.



Make a concrete plan step by step procedural pattern on how to accomplish what you want goals have a force field around it, that attracts circumstances and people to help accomplish the goal.


CONFIDENCE…CONFIDENCE  you must be confident. Come on what will you lose if you try? But you will become a looser if you do nothing. Take the step… after all you can’t tell if you will win or not. Leave the worry and try still, you sure will win.


BE CONSCIOUS ABOUT EVERY NEW DAY… every new day is a new one. Don’t just jump into it. Sit first and plan. Know what you want for that day.

Be deliberate, and success will come to you.



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