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Once a hot dog vendor who sold very fine hot dogs by the side of the road, was having a fine business year. People loved buying hot dogs from him and they bought more and more by the day. The man believed so much in the prosperity of his business and prosper it did.


This man was very busy advertising and selling hot dogs, he never read the papers or any other book, hence he didn’t know what was happening around him. As long as he continued to offer his hot dogs people continued buying. One day his son told him that he read in the papers that they were in the middle of an economic recession and that people wouldn’t have money to buy his hot dogs. The vendor BELIEVED that, he started ordering less, took down his roadside sign, stopped advertising, etc. Soon people stopped buying his hot dogs before long he became broke. Alone, he thought to himself, how smart my son is knowing and warning me of this.

Get this, Belief is everything. Whatever one believes always becomes their reality. Our beliefs are end products of our consistent thoughts and what things we’ve committed to memory. You are what you think so is your mind. Ideally knowledge inspires thoughts. One can only think about what is known, no matter how little.

What food is to the body is what information is to the mind, indeed this is true but one must watch what kind of food one eats to become healthy. Eating junks never makes a healthy man, so listening or exposing oneself to trash also makes one’s mental health sick… Gandhi says I’ll never allow anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet…


I’ll say to us, learn right, believe right and become right. Everything in life comes from the thoughts that dwell in your mind. The scriptures say, out of your mind comes life issues, hence guard it with diligence(paraphrased). It doesn’t matter what information you take in; good or bad, it sticks. Don’t be deceived, soon you’ll start ruminating over them and it’ll metamorphose into reality. Never feed your mind anything you don’t want to see in your life.

How to have a great life

  1. Sleep positive: you see the mind often retains most of the information it last received before sleep. Once I slept reading a book, I awoke with such words as I’m a success, I live a higher life etc. Never sleep sad or worried. The scripture advises us to cast our cares on God. Worry isn’t for us; life was designed to be enjoyed.
  2. Study Gods word: we must understand that Gods word houses his power and glory. As we get exposed to it, some of that life is rubbed off on us. It’s said you’re what you eat also you become what you read.
  3. Watch positive videos: what we see registers 25 times more that what’s listened to. Quit watching obscene videos. Give your time wholly to good and edifying videos. When the right images are stored in your memory bank it gradually interprets into your life.
  4. Study relevant materials: reading is a very important part of mental growth. No person suffers mental malnutrition as a person who doesn’t study. Nothing can replace reading, no matter how pleasant it seems. Feed your mind with the right literature and have the right kind of life
  5. Believe: Belief stands at the center of productivity. What one believes always metamorphoses into reality. Life is basically hinged on belief. Jesus said all things are possible to him that believes.

Finally, never permit all kind of stuff into you. Become very choosy, with what you hear and watch so all will be well with you, and you’ll live a healthy life. BE WELL…




  1. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel August 21, 2016

    That was intuitive..”what food is to the body is what information is to the mind”

  2. ben
    ben August 22, 2016

    This is true and nice

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