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George rolled from one end of the bed to another. He hissed, tossed and turned. Suddenly he jerked off the bed like someone pushed off the bed, one would have thought he`d wanted to leave the room but unfortunately he didn’t. what do I do he  sawithinid as if he were speaking to a visible guest. I can’t get married to Sharon he reiterated, this is going to be a huge mistake. He stood in front of his huge mirror that almost covered that part of the room. What happened, what went wrong with me he thought, here he was walking into a mistake headlong. The previous year he had dumped Sharon for Susan on the basis of beauty and flair little did he know all those were a cover up on the part of peace. I messed up he screamed. Despite the fact he knew Susan was still available but how would he stand before her after all he did to her. He wished that yesterday never happened…
Someone said the first fool is no fool but the second is a proper fool. It’s true that the mistakes we make today affects our tomorrow, but then such decisions at times could be corrected. There is an enemy within and that is our past.quote-when-there-is-no-enemy-within-the-enemies-outside-cannot-hurt-you-winston-churchill-40-49-02  If one has the opportunity for a fresh start, why hesitate. Does this line strike a popular chord? What happens in Texas stays in Texas… what ever happened yesterday should be left there, this is so you can forge ahead. Fortune favors the brave they say, let go of the failures of yesteryear, yesterday is never and has never been a friend of anyone. Someone said the victories of yesterday if consistently lived pose an enemy to future progress. My submission then is never recount the ordeals of the past except for learning or for lessons… dust up and live again. Every new day presents new opportunities to start anew. Fallen? Take these steps
1. Forgive yourself: most folks continue to beat themselves down for every mistake they make, especially the melancholy folks. They sulk and burn, which substitutes the time for stock taking and building again.
2. Dare: why stop fighting, so many have lost their fighting spirits. In this system only fighters survive. I say live and thrive fighting. Never give up, never stop. No matter what mistake you’ve made wake up, brace and fight. Fortune favors the brave only.
3. Learn: what we don’t realize is the concept of perfection remains elusive. One can become good but not perfect… every mistake made has its own lesson, look beyond the situation and see the lesson. Do not dwell in self-pity and lose out on forging ahead.
Summarily, identity crisis is one of the problems of our time. Discover you and the reason you exist, even if you fall you’ll find courage to rise again.

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