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EYES ON THE MARK (win you must)

raceEver been working and you feel tired? But then you remember the pay, you seem to be re-energized? many people get miserable when they lose focus or motivation because they think that successful people have some unstoppable passion and willpower that they seem to be missing. Everyone at some point get discouraged, so what really is the secret. Here it is the big picture. Paul said I press towards the mark.  it’s this ability to do the work when it’s not easy that separates the top performers from everyone else. The big picture in view pulls the ordinary man. It’s the picture that keep them awake at night, that pulls them up in the morning, the end result. Focus on the price.

So, I watched with keen interest, the athletes. They all looked serious, eyes forward, no one was distracted at all. Suddenly, the gun went off. I watched as these athletes struggled to stay ahead, this minute one was ahead, then another. Suddenly another broke through leaving others behind, he wore a pink short and the other guy running behind him a blue short. Suddenly, there was a loud bang behind, even I shifted my gaze to know what happened, who knows it might be a blast: as we turned again at the athletes we noticed the guy on blue shorts won and not the one who had been ahead. Interestingly, he seemed not to be at home with the race as he complained walking towards the umpire. I tripped he said, the noise, I turned to see what happened, I thought it was a blast. Unfortunately, it was too late, in as much as he was distracted, the race didn’t wait for him, someone won, the one who followed through.

A vision is the “why”. Running a good race requires focus, physical exertion, and perseverance. Running a race means you’re in it for the long haul. From start to finish, you lay all distractions aside, and you remain focused on one thing – moving forward and finishing the race. You don’t look back, you don’t turn around, and most important of all, you don’t quit.



keep the picture in view, keep it in mind, create a mental picture of what you want, keep seeing it whenever you’re down, imagine you in it. Never lose it.

When Andre Agassi won the cup, and became the champion he was asked how he it feels like he replied saying: “I have already won Wimbledon at least 10,000 times before” It’s a wide known fact that athletes are using visualization to prepare their minds and to keep their motivation.


a vision written down is half way achieved. This will help you see it on a daily basis.


life itself is a journey, keep moving, no matter what, never park, never drop. Keep working no matter the pain. It’s a process, become numb to it.


the people that’ll motivate you, lift you up when you feel down, people who believe in you and in your vision.


you’ve got to believe in yourself, believe you can, no, matter what. belief is the strongest force that exists on earth.

Win you must, no matter what. Keep saying this. You must win, no other option, just be consistent. Blessings.




  1. Mary
    Mary January 11, 2017

    i was blessed by this particular post and would like to encourage these platform I hope it never shut down

    • Mindhoarde
      Mindhoarde January 11, 2017

      dear Mary, I’m glad you were blessed. we are forever here for you.

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