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Feelings generally aren’t humans best friend. They’ve served times without number as oppositions to our accomplishments and overcoming those feelings eventually will become key to having a great life. Such feelings as inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex as the designation proposes is a complex in which an individual has devastating feelings of inferiority. While we all have weak points and areas of ourselves which could be enhanced, the person with an inferiority complex will fixate on these weaknesses and use them in order to evaluate their overall worth. As a result of their real or perceived flaws, they then see themselves as generally less important, successful or accomplished as others and of course this can have many negative impacts on their lives.

Most times parental attitudes can lead to this state. If a child does not receive encouragement or total love when growing up, such child could plunge into this state. In some instances, an inferiority complex could also arise as a result of some kind of defect either physical or mental. For instance, a low IQ, poor physical fitness or appearance, physical disablement, speech defects etc.

A certain student in my school has me feeling really inadequate. The student in question has perfect scores, is in the school football team and is really good at a plethora of other things namely scrabble and spelling bee. . We all fall in the trap of comparison wherein we inevitably compare ourselves with others. Comparison is the main cause of inferiority complex. We compare ourselves with our neighbors, colleagues, batch mates, celebrities, siblings and with strangers too!


CONFIDENCENote, Incapacitating inferiority complex can never materialize by amassing wealth, authority, influence or societal approval simply because any attempt that you take to gain self-worth based on materialistic achievements will result in the loss of this self-worth as soon as you lose these achievements, FACT.

So, how do we overcome.

WHO ARE YOU (identity): identity problem is the biggest there is today. People try to fit into the shoes of others, forgetting that no two persons were created alike or for the same purposes. When folks are asked, the who are you question they define themselves by Roles or material things. Like

  1. I am a teacher
  2. I am rich
  3. I am a wealth coach etc.

Friend, you aren’t those things. The scripture recorded God calling us his kids. He said exactly. Ye are of God little children… this means your origin is from him and he created you first to be all he is, before he gave you a role to play. The role isn’t who you are. God said… know ye not that ye are gods?


YOUR COMPETITION IS YOU: there is this craze to be good, not as we want to or as we were created to be, but to be good so as to outperform someone.

Many folks are doing things today toovercome,how to overcome show someone that they can, or to prove a point. no you were created in your own class. A class all by yourself. Life isn’t a competition. Each time you work, remind yourself to do the best you can and be content with it. Don’t compare. You are great just how you are. Be grateful for the best you can do.

BE CONFIDENT: for our creator, has not given us a timid spirit… so says the scripture, so where does timidity come from? Not from God sure. You’ve got to be brave. Be strong. Fortune favors the brave. Quit being shy or broken. Face life the way it is comes, take charge and take dominion.

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS: you attract what you think so watch it friend. Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your permission’ and she said it so right. It is us who feel inferior and if we change our thinking, everything about us changes.

WHO ARE YOUR CO TRAVELERS? It is very important to be in company of people who are very positive in nature. If you are surrounded by people who spend half of their time in analyzing others and judging them, probably you would get influenced too. It is said that a journey with successful people will leave you successful too.

GET BETTER BY THE DAY: become competent at something great and positive. Get busy solving the needs of others. Be busy and you won’t have time thinking backwards. Work on developing work-related skills, try a new hobby, work on improving a current hobby, set an exercise goal.

Finally, you are Gods master piece. GODS LOVEHe doesn’t love you any less at any point. his love is not based on feeling. To him Love is a person and he sees you in the light, as a Son. Blessings friends…



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