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Sadly, most of us don’t have very good shots at productivity. We are frustrated by the day and the results we see around us. The good news, however, is that it’s possible to change one’s definitive trajectory in all of life by making small variations on a daily basis. We expect an inventive mindset to phenomenally emerge.

The prevalent idea of productivity is the aptitude to churn out a lot of work in a short range of time.productivity3 True, but not complete. IMO says, true productivity is the ability to create a lot of high impact work in a short span of time. This is the fundamental of productivity we should concern ourselves with, not other kinds of productivity which are more empty / busy work that create no impact in the long term.

It is easy to carry out numerous activities daily thinking we are being productive whereas we are just running round in circles. Activities do not measure or equate progress. A wheel can be moving yet at a point, not pushing forward.

How to be productive

  1. First things first:

Planning out your day and the steps that need to be taken for it to be successful is the quickest way to being productive. The role of planning can never be over emphasized. Make a visible plan of what you want to achieve for the day.

  1. keep a visual reminder:

keep a clear reminder of what needs to be done and how much has been completed. A consistent follower-ship of your plans and how much has been completed is a good way to stay above board. Be clear on what you need to do. It needs to go on a sheet of paper, in your phone, emailed to yourself, or placed on your desk each and every day.

  1. Be consistent:   the problem with most people isn’t the absence of ideas or the will to start, but staying the course. Consistency all the time leaves result available overtime. It’s impossible to be consistent and not see result.

Now note like we stated above, productivity isn’t found in the myriad of activities or tasks carried out in a day. For instance, If Jude as an attendant can reply 1000 emails a day. That doesn’t make him/her productive, unless it adds to the growth of the business or increases or gets consumers to make active purchase. (unless the emails contribute to tangible, high impact outcomes). However, if John completes just one task in a day that has more impact than the 1000 emails put together, then he’s more productive than Jude is. Hence to be REALLY productive

  1. Evaluate tasks:

evaluate which are the most important things out of your written down plan for the period. Rank the items, after which you challenge these items to see if they’re the best use of your time. What impact does doing these make? Can I be doing more high-value tasks? Doing so helps ensure one is working on the absolute most important things for the day.

  1. Get your priorities right: everyone has a vision. your most important tasks are the ones that brings you closest to your dreams when you do them. Note productivity is hidden in the impact made.
  2. Strategize how you want to actualize your plans:  A plan what without a how isn’t progressive. Know and write down a step by step plan on how you want to actualize your daily plans. This will make you very organized and efficient.

Finally,pro2 working on my blog allows me to reach out to more people out there, which lets me achieve my end vision of enabling others to achieve their highest potential and live their best life. For you reading this now, I’d like to think that you found this blog partially through my efforts in reaching out to people out there, and partially thanks to the universe. Thank you for being here at the blog. This is why I prioritize Personal Excellence blog development over all other tasks, such as getting new speaking engagements, etc. While other tasks help me progress in my goals too, they’re not as effectively as working on my blog.



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