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I was overjoyed when I heard about the speaking audition. Some great speakers had just entered the city and were on the lookout for young, talented speakers and writers who could deliver a speech at the forth coming ministers’ conference. There were great prizes to be won which included a public speaking course and an opportunity to speak outside the country. ‘Definitely, I am not going to miss this golden opportunity’, I said to myself. So, I got ready in anticipation of the great day. It has always been my desire to showcase my talent to the world, no wonder I was overjoyed.

The day finally came for the audition. With a book containing speeches I had already proofread and found satisfactory, I set out with raised hope to be chosen. Unfortunately, it was not what I expected that happened. I thought I would be called out on stage and asked to present a speech, but on the contrary, there was just one question that would guarantee the winner: How many people have you addressed in your locality and what was their reaction?

I could not believe what I heard. Was I about to lose this opportunity because I had been mute in my locality? As I stood in the hall, I was almost crying as I remembered that countless times I have had the opportunity to address people in my neighborhood but I failed to do so because I was considering the size of my audience. I wanted to make it big. I wanted to emerge as a great speaker miraculously. But I failed to construct my ladder.

Then it occurred to me that I was not the only one caught in the train. So many people out there have lost opportunities because they would not start small. Potential businessmen have lost it because they were waiting for that million-dollar capital to make a start. However, if only we would come to understand that there is no wisdom in overlooking life’s small joys in pursuit of big ones, our lives would be much more better.
Never fail to construct ladders that would take you to your destination.

By Rose Johnathan.



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