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By Anyaele Samuel
If there is anything that has ever existed in the time past and present, it could only have been a product of an idea. Ideas are said to be an image of an object that is formed in the mind or recalled by the memory and can come into existence. There are so many things we are enjoying today that came into existence as a result of someone’s idea. For instance, cars, aircrafts, electricity, computers, pen, television, telephone, etc.

Thoughts ruled a lot of good things to existence. Men in their nature recognize good things and also celebrate them. It can as well rule in their thoughts and mind for a long time, sometime they treasure it more than their life. All these inventions mentioned above rule in our today’s world; without car, movement will be difficult. Without aircraft, migration to other country will be very hard and without computer, there will be a limitation in our information system. However, people and countries can only experience change when ideas are birthed. A poor man can suddenly become a wealthy man as a result of an idea. There are developments which have occurred in many countries of the world today because of ideas.

Furthermore, ideas in its’ raw state cannot produce a result without being acted upon, when someone has a plan to carry out an assignment and fails the task is still undone and still needs to be accomplished. Many people died with their great ideas that were not acted on. It’s not enough to have an idea, it’s the action taken to bring it into existence that matters, then it can be celebrated.

Finally, an ideas come when a need for it is created. For one to produce a great idea that will rule the world. The first step to getting an idea is sitting down to think and  recognizing a problem exists. I say to you today start thinking.



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  1. Anyaele Samuel
    Anyaele Samuel August 5, 2016

    Wow!!!! Seriously blowing my mind here.

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