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Identity crisis is the world’s biggest problem.RECREATE YOU A lot of persons are lost in this path to self-discovery. People have become square pegs in around holes, trying to fit into descriptions given to them by the society, by friends, by circumstances, by culture etc.

Recently, there have been a lot of fights to be heard, women fighting to be heard, gender fights etc.      In a world filled with so much noise and name tags, self-discovery becomes key to a fulfilled life.

So many voices in the world today tell you that there is nothing more than this life, that you’re simply a creation of your biology and culture, that contentment comes only through indulging your desires, appetites, and cravings. However, such voices speak without facts of what was before this life or what comes after. Therefore, they speak without knowledge of who you really are.

Most people spend their lives waiting for fulfillment. They cling to the idea that as soon as they get that job, as soon as they lose those last few pounds, as soon as they’re in a great relationship, then the gates will open and happiness will come rushing on through. Most people are misinformed. True happiness doesn’t come from wealth or beauty or status or anything external, it comes from within.



STOLEN BY RELATIONSHIPS: There are relationships which are killing us on a daily basis. Such relationships where someone else’s view of us totally eclipses who we really are. A man or woman who totally obliterates his or her true self in other to create an identity acceptable by those who love them. Within there’s this strong desire to break through, but we are held bound by supposed love at the expense of freedom…RELATIONSHIP

SOLUTION: the first relationship on earth was between man and his creator. Look around you, see the lavish of resources bestowed on man at no cost… first note that any relationship that leaves you down, depressed, unhappy isn’t worth keeping. Everything under the sun has its fit. Ask yourself if you fit in, if not walk away. What everyone deserves is unfailing love, love that places no unrealistic demands on your happiness.

It’s really scary, knowing that someone is living your life, calling the shots, you’ve never done the things you want to do, but always what another wants all the time, friend walk away. Live your life like it’s yours. When it comes to friends, quality is always better than quantity. Weed out the negative people in your life who drag you down and spend more time with positive, optimistic people who see the good in you and encourage you to be your best self.



SHUT OUT BY APPEARANCE: Very early in life I was really depressed. I wasn’t as tall as I wanted, people always laughed at me, mocked me. Soon whenever I looked in the mirror ALL I could see was a short guy and nothing else. A friend of mine, whenever we spoke, I was careful to always notice she would always say… ugly me. Soon I realized the mirror has done a great damage.

SOLUTION: amazingly, the world has become so fake with a lot of digital editing software’s. We go through life looking at a distorted image unsatisfied with being created in the image of God, we now strive to create another image to fit into other people’s pictures. On social media, a lot of lies go on, pictures manipulated so we can look good and the end is PLEASE PEOPLE. Come on now, how come you’re living by the dictates of people, society shape us not people shaping societies. Think friend, the owner of the universe says you were made in his image… yes the way you are… what is ugly… I’ll tell you, ugly is what you call it. It’s just a word a tag and nothing is ugly until people say it is… now this is your world, recreate it… you’re beautiful and no matter how people think of you, you’re what you agree to be… if I offered you a gift and you refuse it, the gift is still mine not yours, so it is with name calling… you’re beautiful, you’re amazing… you’re what your creator says so, believe it…

DISTORTED BY THE PAST: look how our past haunt us on a daily basis, PASTfailures, misdeeds, etc. some awful mistakes of our past keep serving as voices defining why we can’t grow further, holding us back with guilt… the gory hand of the past has somehow gotten into your future, trying to define how it should go

SOLUTION: you’ve got to learn that no matter what the past holds its gone. Waved off, gone for good… you see life has no rewind button, nothing replays, the past it gone allow it to be gone.

I EVEN I, AM HE WHO BLOTS OUT YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND REMEMBER THEM NO MORE…. (ISAIAH 43:25) … did you see that? God says even he blots out, absolutely forget… why are you then scared to let go… the past is gone forge ahead, and if someone has sworn never to forget, friend move on you’re unblameable…

Finally, when you really get that you are not your wounded self, you will begin to know the beauty of your soul, the aspect of you that is created in the image of the Divine – the image of Love. Then you will naturally begin to treat yourself as you would treat any Divine child. As you treat yourself lovingly, you will stop taking others’ behavior personally. Your fears of rejection will drop away. You will know that if someone rejects you, it does not reflect on your essential worth.

You are not your wounded self. Open to your inner wisdom and see yourself through the eyes of love. See the truth of who you really are.

no matter how fast or far you travel in the wrong direction it can never take you towards the right pace… you’re a unique specie. you were created in a class all by yourself no one is a replica… what makes up a human is the inside not outside, get that in. if you lose your desire to live you die, but this death first happened in the inside, that’s where life resides… and no one can get in there so you alone can; so, you alone can decide to live or die… be well.





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