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once a very famous samurai who has acquired the unbeaten status came. Being a samurai, he only knew about life and death, and he was a quite impatient sort who always got what he wanted. At any slight provocation he always challenged his opponent to a fight. His fame grew far and wide and other warriors became scared of even trying to challenge him, because all who did never live to tell the story. Out of pride he made a decree that any man that could bring him to his knee in any battle has won him and he’ll give up and go into exile.

The samurai being a traveler one day came across a Zen master named Hakuin, having lost his way sarcastically asked the old master, old fellow, how do I get on my path. His question wasn’t answered as the Zen master thought it rather rude to be addressed such. Quickly he warned the samurai to show some courtesy, to which threw the samurai into a great rage that he cursed the Zen master and challenged him to a fight. The Zen master warned him to get on his way, but anger wouldn’t let him. Quickly the old man bent as if to pick his sword off the ground and with a quick swirl of the sword threw dust into the eyes of the samurai and with a sharp hit behind the knee with sword sheath the samurai was on his knee. Thus he retired and the Zen master having thus defeated him got his titles.

Anger exposes us to a lot of regrets and insecurities. Anger in itself isn’t wrong but the result often leaves pains, regrets and long lasting hurt. The problem isn’t in getting angry but in getting controlled by anger, which is but a mere feeling. Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure or antagonism. Anger is an emotion that has been present since the beginning of humanity. The bible reveals that the first record of anger as that of Cain in genesis 4.

First anger isn’t necessarily a sin. Why did God provide the fruit of self-control, this is because he pretty well knows we`ll have to get angry sometimes. God allows us to feel angry, but the problem lies in the response given. When angry we must not vent our anger in the wrong ways. We must watch so anger doesn’t drag us into sin. Eph 4:26-27. All anger has the same effect on us. It upsets us, makes us uneasy and this feeling isn’t often pleasurable, reason we must learn to handle it so it doesn’t leave us bitter and pained.


We were born to be free and each time we are angry we’ve locked ourselves in a cage alongside others but mostly ourselves. So how do we get free.

  1. Take charge: you must learn, that you are the boss of your life. Your life is a company and you are the managing director. You are in charge of whatever happens in it. Decide not to let a mere employee (anger) order you around. Can you imagine owning a company and you’re being told what to do and not do by an employee? Think about that.
  2. Respond in love:index do not always seek to scream back or shout down or talk down people. It doesn’t hurt really to smile and the respond, it leaves the other person wondering. You aren’t meant to be predictable. When people expect you to scream in anger, simply take a deep breath smile and speak.
  3. Do not speak in a haste: often times in a bid to speak immediately we make a mess of the whole situation. Once you sense anger simply walk away to continue next time. Better late than never. Indeed, life can be better both for you and for others desire to say the right things always.
  4. Shun pride: scriptures say pride goeth before a fall. Often times people belittle us. Realize this were nothing but sand and water, no reason to get hurt when people talk down at us. You must discover your worth so as not to be perturbed when people wrongly define you. What do you do when you meet a blind man struggling to read a post, you help the man, so when people wrongly read you. Tell them who you are by your results.

Finally, brethren let results do the speaking for us, often times people have said hurtful things trying to defend themselves. Speak less, take charge of your life and be Blessed.




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  1. ben
    ben September 4, 2016

    very good one bro

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