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Lost in Love
He came
He knew what he was to face
He loved her more than words could describe
He came with flowers
He came with letters
Though she was ugly, he didn’t mind
Though she was hostile, his love for her did not fade
She was broken, battered and abused, still he was endeared to her.

She looked at him and sighed
‘Who is this’, she mumbled
Why does he care so much,
and what does he have to offer?
Nothing she saw attracted him to her
Her prince was supposed to be a King, not a wanderer
He was to be born in a palace, not an animal farm
He was to be clothed in scarlet, not in menial wears.
She didn’t take a second look at him.

He wooed her
Seriously, she was hard to get
He waited patiently
Hopefully, she would love him someday.

She was ‘caught in an act’
She stood before the fierce-looking judge
Who was about to pass judgement on her
She was guilty and was sentenced to death!

He couldn’t sit down and watch that happen to her
He stood up and prayed the judge to convict him instead
The judge at first ignored him
But he insisted and his request was granted him
He was executed
She was freed.

Aah, she went home weeping
She couldn’t imagine he would show her so much love after all her
hatred and despise of him
She wished she loved him back
Now, he was ‘gone’
How could she love him again?
She decided she was going to tell the world about a man who loved her
without measure!

Jesus Christ did this for us
He died for our sins, atrocities and misbehavior
He pleaded guilty, so we will be free
from judgement and condemnation.

Our hope is that He rose from the dead
And lives forever as King of kings, and Lord of lords
All He desires is a relationship with us
Of course, He isn’t asking for much.


LOST IN LOVE BY Blessing Martins



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  1. Precious
    Precious October 4, 2016

    Lovely. Clear illustration.

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