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POWERThere has been an abuse of a whole lot of things in our system, owing to the high influx of knowledge and theories propounded by individuals based on logic. Albeit, to appreciate a thing or a product, the best person to ask is the manufacturer. Once the original intent of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable. imagine using a toothbrush as a hair brush, or saying a hair brush isn’t good enough for the hair, hence using a cloth or the bigger brush that has strong rough strings mostly used for rugs, hard surfaces.

First, the concept of love eludes natural human understanding. It transcends Hollywood definitions of love. Love isn’t carnal and a carnal person may not have a perfect picture of love. Everything has its origin, so does love. Scripture says God is love, hence anyone that LOVES is born of God.

Pastor Rick Warren says Love is more than attraction and more than arousal. It’s also more than sentimentality, like so many of today’s songs suggest. By this standard, is love dead when the emotion is gone? No — not at all — because love is an action, and a behavior. Over and over again in the Bible, God commands us to love each other, and you can’t command an emotion. If I told you right now, “Be sad!” you couldn’t be sad on cue. Just like an actor, you can fake it, but you’re not wired for your emotions to change on command. If love were just an emotion, then God couldn’t command it. But love is something you do. It can produce emotion, but love is an action.

The bible says God created man and woman in his image, and his purposes for them has been good and great for instance, it was God who noticed that man’s solitude wasn’t good hence he brought him relationship and further marriage. (gen 2:18-18). It wasn’t man that introduced either relationship nor marriage, also notice God made the woman to fit, he said I will make him a helper fit for him. hence man’s knowledge on marriage or relationships should be primarily gotten from the producer God.LOVE

God made both parties fit for the journey, he made them, he didn’t just create them. He put in them the ability to sustain that union which is his person LOVE. he fathered both the man and woman, notice he brought the woman to the man.  He made her; then he brought her. In a profound sense, he had fathered her just like the man too. So, we can deduce they were prepared for this, reason Adam recognized her as soon as he saw her and named her appropriately.

So many theories abound today, both in psychology and in other disciplines why love isn’t enough. While I’m not here to argue, but I must point out that such knowledge or teaching if not correctly sought out from the producer’s manual then it is perverse and a negation to the truth. I wouldn’t know better about a product than from the producer. Of the many commandments given LOVE was stated the greatest. Jesus even stated the only way to obey as love. he said if you LOVE me KEEP my commandments. Love became the backdrop upon which obedience is premised.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” What kind of relationship is this? How are these two-people held together? Can they walk away from this relationship? Can they go from spouse to spouse? Is this relationship rooted in romance? Sexual desire? Need for companionship? Cultural convenience? What is this? What holds it together? It’s pretty obvious. God(LOVE) keeps it together. Humans have the ability to self-destruct and destroy others too, reason Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself, and self-love comes basically after self-discovery, and the best way to discover us is through our creator and that’s the greatest principle for living together.


1-Corinthians 13:7

Love never fails; · This love never faileth, because it bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things; and while it does so it cannot fail; it is the means of preserving all other graces; indeed, properly speaking, it includes them all; and all receive their perfection from it. (Paul here proceeds to illustrate the value of love, from its “permanency” as compared with other valued endowments. It is valuable, and is to be sought because it will always abide; may be always exercised; is adapted to all circumstances, and to all worlds in which we may be placed, or in which we may dwell. The word rendered “faileth” ( ἐκπίπτει ekpiptei) denotes properly to fall out of, to fall from or off).unconditional

Primarily I liken LOVE to a pillar that holds other things together. Love is not enough when it is defined out of its original context. Love in its original state is complete and enough. It’s an action, not a feeling, it’s an expression of an innate ability deposited in us through a relationship with our father, our PATA(source and sustainer).

For further study on what love is see 1 Corinthians 13.






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    Success Ogechi January 8, 2017

    Wonderful piece

    • Mindhoarde
      Mindhoarde January 11, 2017

      Blessings dear Success

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