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One’s temperament is an inventory of one’s personality. It’s the total properties that form the human personality, it’s also the entire make up and personal identifications of an individual. Every individual has the four behavioral classifications but one dominates the rest.

Understanding one’s temperaments makes one aware of which tendencies to encourage and which to avoid. Many of the answers to people’s behaviors can be found in their temperaments or personalities. All of us humans have been hard wired by our creator. We aren’t products of chance but a systematic creation ps 139:13-16. This study is pertinent so we can identify our strengths and get to work, and prayerfully do away with the weak points through the help of the spirit.

The temperaments are classified thus:

Primary temperament: this is the part that describes one’s personality in very clear terms.

Secondary temperament: this is called first alternative temperament; it comes as an alternative to the primary.

Tertiary temperament: this part shows up once in a while. It is mostly activated by an unexpected change in environment or event of life.

Every individual operates at least one of these temperaments, however at different degrees. Now here are the four temperaments:

MELANCHOLY: This is derived from the Greek word `melancholia` meaning a feeling of thoughtfulness or being gentle, downhearted, gloomy. They possess an attitude of orderliness. They often are perfectionists; they make much ado about nothing. To them everything has to be right. They are so much work oriented, they believe all play and no work makes tom a dummy… they keep high standards, that they or anybody will find difficult meeting. They are good thinkers, innovators and they do possess high IQ`s, often meticulous and they are prone to mood swings.

They are good at analyzing and finding solutions to problems difficult to others. Melancholies can be creative in such fields as arts, literature, music, healthcare and ministry. They are serious, analytical, talented, idealistic, philosophical and are genius prone. they are very introspective and hold themselves to a very high standard. Melancholies take life too serious they tend to be highly organized, schedule oriented, likely to finish whatever they start no matter how tasking. They prefer to work and play alone, often shy and prefer not to talk in a group. They don’t form acquaintance easily; they prefer a narrow range of friends. They keep secrets best.

PHLEGMATICS: this is gotten from the Greek word `phlematikos` meaning dry, unemotional, difficult to arouse. They are quiet, reserved. They take eternity to make up their minds. They are patient, they desire to see nobody hurt hence they are hospitable. To them there is no rush in life, often slow to speak. They are very diplomatic. They can say yes and mean no, often last to finish a meal. They function well in the treasury. They are very meticulous in their dealings.

They are often referred to as the watcher, they are best in positions of unity and mediation and do well in positions that need precision. They are good at generalizing, seeing the bigger picture and reading between lines. They persevere the most

SANGUINES: this is gotten from the Greek word `sangus`. They enter the room with their mouth first. They are traditionally associated with air. People here are lively, sociable, carefree, artistic, flighty. Sans can never be lost in the crowd. They are risk takers. They trust people easily, to them in life, anything goes. They hate protocols, bureaucratic processes, hate order and they are often disorganized. When angry, they can insult a king.

No one can love you like a sanguine and no one can forget you faster than a sanguine. They are the best image makers in the world, they are always apologizing over the same mistakes over and over.

Sanguine`s are such kids at heart, they are enthusiastic. They are good volunteers and thrive on compliments, and they rarely hold grudges. The sanguine talk a lot and struggle with completing tasks. They are terrible at keeping to time and just have too many excuses. They base their decisions most times on feelings. Sanguines often possess high amounts of energy, and they can be great parents because they love to have fun, but their homes are often frenzied and disorganized

CHOLERICS: power resides at the center of their world. This is gotten from the word `cholera`. They are often strong willed, blunt, resolute, always advocating for change, they are die hards. They make up their minds before calling for a meeting, and they hate negotiations. Cholerics are highly purpose driven and always motivated. They never give up easily, they are great achievers. They command aura and audacity/ they are tireless workaholics. This people are the most insensitive of the temperaments. They care less for the feelings of others. Feelings simply don’t play in the equation.

They are too skeptical and don’t trust easily, they need to verify facts at all times. Cholerics are good at math and engineering. Are analytical, logical and pragmatics. They want to be in control of everything.

Now we must note that every individual has two or more blends of these temperaments and in our next publication we shall look at these blends.




  1. Chikezie
    Chikezie August 13, 2016

    Brilliant! Been ages since I read the classic book on temperaments “Why you act the way you do”. This just reminded me of me. Everyone should be a melancholy you know 😂.

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