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Beyond the ahs and wows of the Word Just like eating a very delicious meal Which may go into the body And leave through the body undigested Too much of it may be a waste A little portion of it may not be enough Just take in sufficient And dwell on it till it becomes Read More

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L`audace, L`audace, L‘audace: – Audacity, Audacity, Audacity That was the motto of Frederick the great of Prussia. His strategy was simple. Whenever he met the enemy he attacked. If he had 5000 and the enemy 10,000, he still attacked. Other leaders of the world knew that if they challenged him he would attack with all Read More

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  The king asked, why should so few men be able to acquire all the gold? “Because they know how” replied the chancellor. Everything, I mean all is tied to knowledge. What you don’t know, consistently pose a master, where our will doesn’t play any resistance at automatically groveling as slaves. The scriptures state, that Read More

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The Immortals

I guess you’re aware we all one day will exit the stage. Many, even after they’ve gone, their voices will still be so audible even to the deaf. Irrespective of the fact that they are physically no more. I call them the immortals. Many years after the likes of Abraham, David, Solomon, Ruth, Esther, even Read More

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Four signs of attacks on your marriage

There are a lot more signs of a spiritual attack on your marriage, but here are four that I’ve either experienced or have seen other couples go through.When Tempers FlareEvery marriage is a miracle relationship of sorts because men and womenhave vast differences. So when tempers begin to flare, even over the tiniestof things, then Read More

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