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L`audace, L`audace, L‘audace: – Audacity, Audacity, Audacity

That was the motto of Frederick the great of Prussia. His strategy was simple. Whenever he met the enemy he attacked. If he had 5000 and the enemy 10,000, he still attacked. Other leaders of the world knew that if they challenged him he would attack with all his forces defeat them. Hence, no rival king would challenge him in his later years.

Persistence of purpose is one of the greatest assets a person of character should possess. Men of dogged persistence who walked the face of the earth, often didn’t miss success. The biblical account of Jacob: he wrestled the angel and compelled him to stay or bless him. His words, “I will NEVER let you go…” for him it was blessing or nothing. Perseverance is singleness of purpose and application.

President Lincoln was asked. How does Grant impress you as a leading General? He replied, the greatest thing about him is cool persistency of purpose. He is not easily excited and he has the grip of a bull dog. When he gets anything between his teeth nothing can shake it out… success yields to persistency of purpose, this is a proven fact. The bible refers to it as patient continuance


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One mark of courage is the ability to stay the course, no matter what hard circumstance one is faced with. Paul in the scripture was brave even in difficult times. His dogged persistence and belief is really remarkable. Once he wrote timothy saying… I know whom I have believed and I’m persuaded that he’s able… his convictions were unwavering. The bible also states that to him that overcomes shall wear the crown… have this understanding NO GUTS, NO GLORY… you’ve got to Have the stamina. Build yourself thus to withstand at all times, never remain fallen. No matter the circumstance, dust up and rise up. Be sure that at all times the gates of success yields eventually to persistence. Don’t stop now, you’re almost there.

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    bethy August 19, 2016

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