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continued …. read part one: stewardship vs ownership

The net was still in the water where Simon had thrown it, floats still bobbing, still there to trap some unsuspecting fish. But the fish wouldn’t find its way to a breakfast table this morning, because both Simon and Andrew were over the side and swimming to shore. Dripping, they dropped to their knees before Jesus. “Simon.” Simon could feel the Teachers hand on his wet, tangled hair. “Simon, follow me.”

Simon looked up. “Yes, Lord, I`ll follow. Where are you going.” “You’ll see,” said Jesus, pulling Simons arm gently as a sign for him to get up. “And Simon, I’ll need your boat.” His brand new boat, pride of the town fleet? What did Jesus want with the boat? Simon looked up. “Sure, you can use it,” he replied slowly,

“… when we don’t need it.” “But I need it,” Jesus insisted. “You own the boat, don’t you?” “Of course, Lord, I own it outright. It took me three years to earn enough extra to pay for it.” “And you’ve decided to follow me, haven’t you, Simon?” “Yes, of course, Lord.” “Then your boat needs to follow me, too,” replied Jesus. “Not just you, but everything you are and own need to follow me, to be at my call when I need them.” Simon was ashamed. “Yes, Lord. Please take my fishing boat. Use it whenever you need it…. I really want you to. Forgive my selfishness.” “You have a house, Simon?” “Yes, Lord, I have a house.” “I need to use that, too.” “My house?” “Yes, your house.” “Eh, Jesus. How can I say this? My mother-in-law lives with us and she isn’t very well right now. I’m not sure we should disturb her, with her fever and all.” “Your boat and your house and you must follow me, Simon.” “Yes, Lord.” “And I’ll care for your mother-in-law, you’ll see. Why don’t you lead the way?” “Yes, Lord,” said Simon, and he and Jesus left


A prominent issue in understanding stewardship is that stewards have custody of things that doesn’t belong to them and are not meant for their consumption. They manage what does not belong to them. Their duty is to take good care of another man’s property in the interest of that person. Therefore, they only treat or handle the particular item given into their care, just as directed and is pleasing to the owner.

As a steward, it does not necessarily mean you don’t use the things placed under your custody. It rather means that you are allowed to use the things under your care according to the dictates of the real owner. The owner decides what, why, when or how his or her property is used. Once the property is used outside the owners will. The manager will be held liable.

Before the Almighty God, we are like caretakers or managers (gen 2). Our mission is to please our creator and source; with whatever he has committed into our care. (His people, Our lives, Our possessions and so on).

Gen 2:15 and the lord took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.

God created man and gave him the full responsibility of a steward over his creation. Man was not just to sit somewhere and idle away. He had an assignment of keeping and tending to Gods creation and exercising Dominion in the stead of God. God himself is the only owner. He owns us hence all we own are his and should therefore be used to his pleasure not ours. Gods blessings on our lives are for his pleasure still. The scriptures get us to understand that its Gods intention to see us blessed and it pleases him thus.

In Gen 2:15, God went on to give man instructions on how he was to tend the garden of Eden. It is in the proper service of the master that we in turn are blessed. In verse 18 God shows us that while Adam was taking care of the garden God in turn took care of his needs. Did the bible not cite God saying that every laborer is worthy of his wage. And in another he said all those who’ve labored in his vineyard are worthy of double honor. Providing for our needs are his business, worrying about them aren’t a part of the job description. Our concern should be always only how to please God.

Everything God has given to us are seeds. Seeds are meant to be sown not hoarded. No matter how much we cherish the seed, it will never multiply or increase unless sown. That said, productivity is essential in this Kingdom. 2cor 9: 10-11. And he that supplieth seed to the sower and bread for all, shall supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the fruits of your righteousness: ye being enriched in everything in everything unto all liberality which worketh through us thanksgiving to God.

God gives seed for the sower. If you want seeds, then become a sower. God abhors waste. He will not give seeds when there’s no one to sow. You need to become a sower to get seeds from God. You must first learn to bless people with the little you have first. The big question is; how have you been using the little that God has given to you to take care of.

Get this that eventually we`ll all give account of all God gave to us, the ideas we left to die etc. all God entrusted to us will be accounted for. Good stewards win the favor of the master, while bad stewards attract the master’s wrath. Be a Good steward of Gods investments on earth today. Be blessed


Story by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson. And is fictional though based on a true and real story.

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