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THE ESCAPE(a poem)

She stalks him
Waiting for a good time
She thinks him ‘good’
Roses and candles
Cedars from Lebanon
Soothing words
Wine and oil
She waits to use her claws
Like a beast on its prey.

Alone, she sees him
What a good time!
she thinks aloud to herself.
The man of the house is not in
The servants are in the field
Hmmm, he even looks ‘prettier’
She walks up to him
Wearing a phony smile on her face
She calls
and holds him on his coat.

He looks up at her
What exactly did she want from him?
Although, not too surprised this time around
Of course, this isn’t the first, second or third time
However, he is amazed!
At how, she could be so loose and selfish
So debased and callous
A sign of heathendom
Of course, she came with promises
Of a ‘better life’, luxury, and splendor
Of promotion and fame
Would he succumb?
This was his master’s wife! (crying out loud)
He couldn’t imagine committing such wickedness!
His master wasn’t around
But he had ‘awe’ for someone
Someone he knew was watching
A Being who sees and records,
In the secret, in the open, He sees,
Others may not know, but He knows everything
He watches everyone!

She draws closer and closer
Jeez! He takes to his heels!
Mehn! That was like death coming,
Like hell unleashing its powers in full force.

She realised she had failed
Her plans fell through
She couldn’t stand the shame!

#The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Proverbs 1:7#
Flee temptations and youthful lust, it’s a trap against Destiny. Hold
on to God and His Word.



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