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The king asked, why should so few men be able to acquire all the gold?

“Because they know how” replied the chancellor. Everything, I mean all is tied to knowledge. What you don’t know, consistently pose a master, where our will doesn’t play any resistance at automatically groveling as slaves.

The scriptures state, that people perish where knowledge is scarce. Knowledge stands at the center of all human feats. Someone once said that the great achievers of our time are men who are constantly in search of new ideas, new ways, new thoughts. Knowledge is very important and really significant in our present society. Whatever field one tends to venture into, without the proper knowledge such person will definitely fail, this is because sustenance comes from gratification, gratification from prosperity, prosperity a product of good application: without knowledge application is elusive.

Daniel Webster in his word stated that he knows of no special ability he possesses except the power of application, which is drawn from constant learning.

All the laws of success as important as they are tower around knowledge. For these laws to be applied, one must first know and then understand in other to apply. Application itself screams of abuse. The scriptures say that the labor of fools wears all, because he knows not how. Suffice it to say that knowledge precedes application.

Again, a student whispered to another, “behold the richest man in Babylon, he is but a man like the rest of us”. Arkad replied… because I found knowledge, it enabled me acquire… all men are the same except not equal. The inequality bears no root in skin color, neither in age, nor does it bend towards physical or muscular structure. But it is hinged to an invisible intangible force… knowledge. Tim lahaye in his book asks why do we act the way we do? I say partly because of what we know or don’t know.

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Scriptures say a man of diligence stands before kings. I stress, without knowledge one would become like the fool whose work wears all out. From knowledge comes the fuel that patterns diligence. To work and work well is the source of success…   Be well…

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  1. Chris Chuks dq
    Chris Chuks dq August 8, 2016

    That lends credence to an ageless truth. Knowledge is indeed central to life,i mean,meaning life though. In our time ironically,knowledge is everything but her seekers are nowhere. Furthermore,to know how to know knowledge seems a harder issue. Some seekers of knowledge,has sought her in isolation of her sisters — understanding (comprehension)and wisdom (application). The three go together:through WISDOM is an house builded;and by UNDERSTANDING it is established: And by KNOWLEDGE shall the chambers be filled…Prov.24:3,4(KJV:emphasis is mine)
    Thank you@Daniel Chijioke

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