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Happy Independence son! My grandpa said to me as he flung me a neatly folded paper envelope. Aww, thanks sir, I replied looking up from the movie I was watching and picking the envelope.  What’s this?  I asked him curiously. open it and find out, that’s my independence gift, the gift i promised you replied my 85-year-old grandpa. I wondered, what it was? As I unfolded it. The envelope was a sometime white one, looking exactly my grandpa’s age. It’s nothing your mind can imagine a white envelope when mentioned in this century. Mhhh, a letter?gift I whined, I thought there was more to it than just a writing on piece of paper.  At least some dollars weren’t too much an expectation of a gift from grandpa on a holiday or was it? Open it and read aloud to me, grandpa said as I flipped the paper forward and back. I wasn’t willing to read it, I just had to continue my movie that was all that mattered to my 19year old head, so I made a sad face at my grandpa.  Hmm hmm hmm, my Granny let out an elderly smile and said ’movie, at your age should be the last on your to-do list any day, you should be on a desperate search for knowledge so you can drive your destiny in full course on time.’ Ah! I thought to myself, this old man will never let me be.  But then I knew he was right, I take to a lot of movies and leisure based activities that makes me a lazy head most of the time. But thank God who gave him to me, always reminding me in unimaginable ways to get serious.  So, I reluctantly unfolded the paper and wow!!! was my exclamation. Grandpa this is unbelievable! How did you do this? You can’t imagine
what I was having in my hands!!!…to be continued
Continuation coming shortly,

Happy independence to you!!!
From all of us at Mindhoarde.  Make most of the day. do not hang around criticizing the nation.  Rather as you leave here right now, search for the details,  true events that made the independence worthwhile 56years ago… Get some valid information into your head.
We will be back shortly.

The gift by Divine Dominion.



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