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The Immortals

I guess you’re aware we all one day will exit the stage. Many, even after they’ve gone, their voices will still be so audible even to the deaf. Irrespective of the fact that they are physically no more. I call them the immortals. Many years after the likes of Abraham, David, Solomon, Ruth, Esther, even my Lord Jesus and many others died, we still feel their impact. That’s immortality as far as I’m concerned. We’re only remembered by all you’ve done. What will be said/ written about your when you’re no more? Think about these words now and tactically enact them now you’re still on the scene. #Selah
by Samuel Anyaele



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  1. Samuel Idoko
    Samuel Idoko July 29, 2016

    Life is all about influence…. your influence is what draws men to you….. it is your influence that people will remember you for. Make yourself a person of influence and by the time you are gone, it will speak for you. happy about that Pasti. more grace!!!

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