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I knew instantly, the house could have been saved if Jude had called for help. From all he said I perceived self-reliance, which has cost him his house. his house would have been saved at least the fire wouldn’t have engulfed everything and at least he wouldn’t have been burnt this badly too. Everything would have been fine if only he called 911. He felt he alone could salvage the whole situation. Now everything is gone.


Just like the short story above. The world is broken, and everything with it. Our systems are in a bad shape, our lives etc. what do we do? Life itself is a system designed by one who planted a life support system to save it whenever it showed signs of failure.

I’ve been wondering when God said let there be light in Genesis, there came light. And in another account the sun and the rest were created, so which light did God announce? I`ll tell you. John spoke of it in the early chapter of his book. He said … and in him was life and that life was the light of men. Evidently that spoke of the life giving one Jesus, who now doubles as our high priest. Since he is our high priest and in him there is life to save our dying world, what do we then do? We simply invite him to help.

A lot of folks be leaving LIFE out in everything they do, which is why we all get into a mess most of the time. How about eliminating the death in the pot by entering into a fellowship with him? He said call on me whenever you’re in a tight corner.

Seeing unrest in your life? Call on him…

in crises? Do call on him. Let it not be too late when you do. This is


why prayer is a very important part of life and our growth as believers. The absence of prayer is the absence of source, it’s that simple. Prayer connects us. And that’s what Paul wrote. May the grace of our lord Jesus The Love of God and the fellowship of The Holy Spirit. Get into that fellowship and see a change.


Improves spiritual practice: Prayer impacts our spiritual practice at three levels, action, thought and attitude:

  • Action: All actions that are preceded by prayer for spiritual benefit are performed with spiritual emotion; hence fewer errors are committed.
  • Thought: So long as the mind is active, thoughts will continue. They pose an obstacle to the dissolution of the mind. Useless thoughts also cause wastage of energy. Prayer is an extremely useful tool to prevent this waste. Prayer reduces worry and enhances contemplation.
  • Attitude: A prayer done with spiritual emotion initiates the process of contemplation within a seeker, and this assists him in becoming introverted. (


Prayer ushers us before God to receive grace and strength … Hebrews 4:16 says,

“Let us therefore come forward with boldness to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace for timely help.”

Increase in faith: faith is grown in the place of prayer. When we pray, God inspires our spirit, he speaks always and that’s how faith comes.

Finally, a Christian who does not pray, suffers his or her soul to death. Life is gotten from its source and God is life’s source. Tune in.




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