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loyaltyThe most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend.” ― Stephen Richards.

Loyalty is conceivably the most valued quality in any kind of association. Those who can claim this quality are often blessed with overall relationship satisfaction and happiness—professionally, personally, and romantically.

Once a guy had a very good friend who was very dear, they seemed inseparable in fact this his friend who is a female got to know all his other friends. They did almost everything together, she lavished him with praises and acted the part of a very good friend. One day this guy’s friend picked a quarrel with one of her friends, while they were shouting and screaming, her friend suddenly said. you are a bad person, you keep condemning your friends behind them, you never correct anyone before them, you say terrible things about people even your good friend here… that was it, she went on to say so many mind troubling things this lady said behind her friends back now this isn’t a way to go…

Joel Osteen once made a funny joke while teaching on being a loyal person, he said peradventure someone says hey Joe did you know one of your church members almost ran me over in his car and I think it was on purpose. He said he`ll reply, no way it’s not possible, probably he or she was not concentrating or maybe he or she was lifting holy hands to the lord… now the message is stand up for friends behind them no matter how badly they’ve done, it shows loyalty… loyal

I ask again, what kind of friend are you? It’s important that we become a better version of the bad friend you think you have. Which one of you will see a man inside a pit and prefer to jump into the pit too. Be the better friend. Then you ask how can I become a better friend…


Get this, honesty is a very important factor once friendship is mentioned. Do you cheat why not do something better, become better. No need going through the stress of having to hide the truth, simply be plain, be real, be yourself your real self not the bad one you picked up…


Its true people say there’s no friendship without benefits. True or maybe false. I just want to say quickly, whatever chance you get do good, never change to bad, that’s not who you are, you’ll be living fake doing bad is not in your nature.


“Loyalty is seen as a virtue—albeit a problematic one,” defines the Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyWhat makes it problematic? if a friend is so loyal that she’ll stop at nothing to tell you how she feels. For example, it’s one thing for your best friend to express concerns about your new boyfriend. But if she completely trashes the guy without even getting to know him, she may have crossed a line—even if she had the best intentions at heart. Learn to know your lines and stay there.

Finally, friendship is a good thing, it’s really sweet to have a very good close friend and ally. Be the good friend. When you’re good you attract good people. Like attracts like. I LOVE YOU.




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