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WHEN LIFE HAPPENS (win you must)

As I drove to work this particular morning, I said to myself, today is sure going to be a great day. Everything was in order at home. God has indeed blessed me, a nice apartment, a running v8 engine jeep from work, I’d be getting married in 2 weeks, life was going to be great for me, I felt so sure of it.

I walked into the office, greeting everyone in my usual sing song manner. I even did my usual dance for aunty Amaka the cleaner, she laughed heartily. I had barely entered my office when the intercom buzzed… my office now. I knew it was my boss, he had a very deep voice that often made me uneasy. I walked into his office, I was shocked when I saw Tom and Kate seated already. They looked like they had seen a ghost. I was brought back to reality by my boss’s baritone voice… well sit please, and to cut to the chase… the management as I was telling your colleagues has decided to lay the three of you off this is because… I went off already. My world came crashing, what is this? What will I do? I’m finished I thought to myself. I headed for my car, I needed to clear my head. I drove home immediately, headed to my kitchen, I wasn’t sure what I wanted, I left again sat on my cushion. Suddenly, smoke came filtering from the kitchen, I headed for the door all of a sudden a loud bang and that was the last. I woke up with a head rending ache in my head. what happened? I asked as I tried to stand, around me stood my parents and siblings. Why am I here I asked? Soon I realized from them my house was engulfed by a fire, I was brought out by the gateman who heard the noise. I had lost everything, my documents, everything, my cv. I went blank again…

Every one of us has come to one cross road or another in life. I’ve been there myself most times. There have been times when I didn’t just feel like giving up, I gave up. I’ve given up goals, left friends, cancelled appointments because I wasn’t in the right state of mind. Once I had a delivery to make and deadline was minutes away yet the products weren’t ready, my clients were calling, I was confused. I just broke down, in fact I lost that contract. Once in school I failed, I failed woefully and all my friends did well (if you know this feeling) I’ve been broke, yea so broke I cried about it.  in fact, each day as I wrote my final exams I took only cassava flakes. Once in the hall I could hear my tummy rumbling. Once my laptop developed a fault all of a sudden I spent everything I had on repairs alone and my bank account went red.

Well, life happens most of the time, it doesn’t mean God is mad at you, it doesn’t mean some evil forces are after you. It’s simply life. Guess what, my favorite lecturer once told me Danny to be a human being isn’t easy. It’s a making, it’s a process. No story no glory yes its true sometimes, but you know what you’re bigger, stronger, better. Romans 5:3 says (we continue to shout our praise even when we are hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles develops passionate patience in us and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next) do not be dismayed, there’s light a little ahead. Just push on, you will win. I often tell my friends win you must.  We have no other option than to win. Keep the big picture in view. We must win. It’s not over until you win. Rise again, dust up and fight again. You were born a winner, win you must.pain

Whatever it is you’re facing now, must not swallow you. The lives of so many depends on your winning. I’ve seen people without abilities rise up again. Just brave up, clean up, brace up. Even if you failed before, you may fail yet again, but determination will get you the result you desire. You must not stop fighting. Never give up. You’ll win, you’ll say I told you.




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