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Now the year is here, we’ve said our goodbyes to last year, welcomed the new year. What’s next? Folks may begin to think let’s wait a little, the year just begun before starting on our goals, but we must know, that every good general in the army knows the value of right and immediate implementation of battle tactics. Many a times in the bible, the Israelites won their battles even before dawn, while it was wake up time in the camp of the enemy the battle is brought to them. While Sampson still slept, Delilah woke him saying Sampson the philistines be upon thee. That statement isn’t a good one for a warlord.


For us to win this year we must begin now, practice makes permanent. Now is the time, the right time to begin, it’ll give us an early start advantage. You won’t believe today I already struck a goal on my goal list as accomplished already. Now is the time. Discipline is the word.

You have probably heard on numerous occasions people talk about the importance of having self-discipline; about how it is a vital component to the attainment of any worthy goal. However, have you ever considered what self-discipline really means? Have you ever taken the time to consider what it’s all about?  On the surface self-discipline essentially comes down to having a reason to do something and sticking to it for the long-haul. This of course boils down to having an internal desire and motivation to bring a goal to fruition over the long-haul. However, this is not just about the process of pursuing a goal. It’s more specifically about your ability to control your desires and impulses to stay focused on what needs to get done to successfully achieve that goal. As such, self-discipline involves committing to long-term gains without falling prey to instant gratification along the way. (

If you want to achieve those lofty goals you set, understanding how to discipline yourself is a key ingredient to the success recipe, the discipline to begin, and to begin now at your goals. Even now that you don’t feel like it. According to a 2013 study by Wilhelm Hoffman, people with high self-control are happier than those without. The study discovered this is true because the self-disciplined subjects were more capable of dealing with goal conflicts. These people spent less time debating whether to indulge in behaviors detrimental to their health, and were able to make positive decisions more easily. The self-disciplined did not allow their choices to be dictated by impulses or feelings. Instead, they made informed, rational decisions on a daily basis without feeling overly stressed or upset. (Forbes)

make it happen

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”. to gain traction and direction this year, you must begin now. So here are ways to help discipline.

Keep the goals visible:

Once the goals can be seen regularly, it awakens in you the desire to get to work as soon as possible. It gets you uncomfortable until the task is done. So, do not tuck it away simply keep it visible, paste on your wall, whichever works, just keep it seen.

Get a mentor now:

The magic is in the interconnectedness God built into our system upon creation so we can help each other. Most times the discipline needed can only come from outside, people who are experienced and wont pamper us, and won’t consider feelings but will act as needful.

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Speak out:

it helps too to speak out, wake in the morning, say aloud I’m going to do this and that today. It helps send the message down into your system and you can get on with it.

Pray and begin:

scriptures say haven done all to stand, now stand. You’ve got to stand now. It’s simple. Stand up and begin. I repeat stand up and begin.

Remember you will regret never beginning. But you won’t regret ever beginning. God wants you well, so forget what others feel. Blessings.




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