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Why Bill Gates Dropped Out of School

In an effort to change the perception of youths who think
education is not important for a successful life, the world’s richest
man, Bill Gates has explained why he dropped out of Harvard university
at age 19.
Gates revealed that his desire to be the pioneer in the business of microcomputer software was the reason he suspended his university education in 1975.
He disclosed this during an interview session with a cross section of
African youths on MTV Base and monitored by Nigerian Interest Blog.
The 60 years old billionaire who described himself as a strange kind of drop-out said: “I went to Harvard university for several years. I only dropped out because, if I didn’t get going with my idea, someone might beat me to the market with the idea of microcomputer software.”
While reminiscing the days he spent in pursuit of higher education, Gates said he loved Harvard university, and that his time there were
some of his best days in life.
He said he left Harvard university with the consent of his parents who were already business savvy, had seen the potentials of his microcomputer software idea, and could shared his enthusiasm for the software. However, he further said he promised his parents he would return to Harvard to complete his education and obtain his degree.
In keeping to that promise, in 2007 exactly 32 years after he dropped out of school, Gates obtained a degree in computer science from Harvard university. He advised African youths to embrace education and entrepreneurship, if they desire to be billionaires like himself.
“Take your education seriously, think about whether you want to work for a big company to get some experience before you start your own businesses or you just want to delve straight into entrepreneurship. Either way makes a whole lot of sense. Africa needs millions of billionaires to get to where it deserves.” He said…
This is a lesson to youths who think school isn’t important under the guise if becoming rich soon. success is a journey not an end point. the Bible says in all your gettings get wisdom, that is acquire wisdom. this shows that effort is put to get it.
As young scholars go patiently through the process of learning and be made… you may find this useful: The first principle…



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