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WHY TRUST? (the agony of a betrayed friend)



lsp_managing-phantom-pain_181114-065724As I walked the path home, I was glad for the rain. I was glad it was raining so heavily to hide the tears on my face, I felt so bad, I felt so alone, I felt like I was home within the confines of my room and on my bed my true best friend, I felt so hurt my heart ached. These days I had begun thinking my bed is actually my one true and only best friend. How could I not have just one friend that understands me. I expected a lot from Dave, I expected him to have agreed to my vision, how could he… how could he have done this to me. I expected him to have spoken to his boss concerning me before now. Last year they all forgot my birthday, this year too. They refused joining me to prepare for my bar exams, I mean what are friends for if they can’t give up their own pleasure for me. I was so sad… there’s no need for friendship after all.

Many people tend to expect too much of others: their family, their friends or even just acquaintances. It’s a usual mistake: people don’t think exactly the way you do. That’s why you often get hurt by people when it’s all your fault. It is only reasonable to expect that people will do what they say they will do. This is all we can reasonably expect – that people will keep their word. The biggest disappointments in our lives are often the result of misplaced expectations.  This is especially true when it comes to our relationships and interactions with others.

So many people think aren’t we Christians for instance, does not the scripture say we should be our brother’s keeper. Does He not say love your brother? Then why these disappointments? Why can’t I trust and not be disappointed? Also we are mature aren’t we? Mature people are supposed to keep to their words, if so why do people break promises. We must understand that in as much as all these are true but we are humans and

  1. Nobody’s perfect!

    You should simply realize and accept the fact that nobody’s perfect and that everyone makes mistakes every now and then. You’re not perfect either, so try to expect little from people to save yourself. No one has the capacity to fulfill everyone’s expectations, no matter how hard they try. No one can please everybody, so try to accept that and make excuses for friends


  1. Make excuses for others


you see drawing from the first point you’ll realize your friends aren’t more human than you are. Once in a while you forget friend’s birthdays don’t you? You forget to keep to dates don’t you? You see it happens to us all, learn to make excuses for people that way you’ll lead a happier life.


  1. A man who hath friends must shew himself friendly (prov 8:24a). often times we are a reflection of what we see around us. The scripture says we must show ourselves friendly. Don’t be a bad friend and expect goodness from someone. Strive to be the good friend and you’ll see it coming back to you.

Finally, learn to be who you’ll like to see in others. Change begins with you. Expect little from people that way you’ll lead a happy life. Someone said if you want a job done, then do it yourself. Have a blessed time.

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