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forgive one another

Sitting in my cell that offered me only little room to move my feet. I could barely see the walls and these mosquitoes oh if only I could rewind time. The memory on how I got here still lived in my mind, I remembered how my fate was decided. I could still see the stern look on the judges face as he spoke through his teeth, 45 years imprisonment.

It was just two weeks ago when I had the chance to turn today. Now I realize that indeed the mistakes of the past haunt our tomorrow. I had the chance to forgive peter but I chose to retaliate. It was a choice I regret now. I had no idea that just a little push was going to be the last I was going to ever push anyone. Its late. My fate now I must accept, my dreams dead.

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‘I cannot forgive you!’, have you ever made that statements to any one? If you have, why did you?  Permit me to ask this too. From the time when you knew life till now, have you ever pleaded mercy for anything? Have you ever asked God to have mercy over something you felt guilty of?

If you have never been in an Erring position, then it’s time up here, don’t continue reading this.  But if you have, let’s take a little trip further together.

At the point where you Wronged then, where you forgiven? Did you know God’s forgiveness which we receive is Conditional? Yes, that His mercy which He grants us is conditional? Don’t stone me yet…

In the midst of so many Scripture portions that prove this, let’s visit Matt. 18:21-35 (MSG). Take a cool note of vs.23, 33, and 35. Is it wrong if I say that what the master means is ‘when you ask and receive mercy from anywhere for anything, and you refuse to give that which you have received-mercy, you lose it? Well, if it is wrong to say this, then Jesus was wrong with that story! Just pause and read that story again if you ignored it before now.


Now, if what Jesus taught in this story blends with what I said before now, doesn’t it mean that if you have ever fallen into or do fall into acts that need to be forgiven, you owe everyone no matter who “Forgiveness” irrespective of what they have done and will still do. Verses 32-35 of matt 18 says. If you choose not to ‘Forgive’ as you are allowed to, you will have all your guilt placed right back on you, YOU WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN!!! that’s the standard in God’s Kingdom!


Here is the end of our trip, it was short after all, or wasn’t it?  hope you now know in the Kingdom of the King of Mercy, who we will all be judged by, a load of un forgiveness found on you means He would be a King of No mercy to you!!! Forgiveness therefore is not a Choice! It is your duty!  You owe every man that, except you wouldn’t be needing Forgiveness in your own guilt from the King’s throne. The Condition for obtaining mercy in God’s Kingdom is that you ‘Have Mercy’


By Divine Dominion.





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